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Rainbow Rooms

Great location and facilities have everything you need


8-16 Guests

Located in Manchester

Shared Kitchen

Fun Dorm Room


1 Bathrooms

1 Bedrooms

4 Bunk Beds

Now part of Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter in St Stephen’s Square, Rainbow Room’s recently refurbished Victorian building is situated among popular hangouts for stylish students and lively locals alike — think vibrant street art, bohemian bars, live music venues, independent record shops, and gastropubs serving a range of craft beers.

Record labels and fashion designers have also recently set up shop nearby, adding to the area’s innovative ambience; The city’s creative spirit is alive and well within the hotel’s walls: from nightly events to creative workshops, it’s the perfect place to unleash your imagination! Other features include an on-site coffee shop, library, fusion restaurant, and a tao street-facing bar. The rooms can sleep up to 8 guests, so great for smaller hen parties on a budget. It’s perfect for a quick pit stop for the weekend, or if your days are planned full of hen party activities and you just need somewhere to rest.



Excellent location for exploring Manchester. The room was clean, comfortable and really beautiful. I bought earplugs as I was worried about the noise but didn't find we needed them after a bottle of wine from the nice little bar downstairs!

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