Hen Party Ideas For Mixed Ages

Your best mate has announced that she’s tying the knot. You’ve already bought the hen party paraphernalia. And now, it’s time to start planning the perfect hen party. But then you see the guest list and see that everyone from your bride-to-be’s mum’s bestie to her mum’s auntie’s cousin is invited. And just like that, your envision for butlers in the buff is over. 

You see, planning a hen party is hard. Let alone planning it for friends and family of all ages. But luckily, we’re experts when it comes to celebrations for the big day. And here, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite hen night ideas, like hiring a prosecco van, for all ages. Plus they can all be done at home, which in the current climate will definitely get thumbs up from Nana Betty. You’re welcome.

DIY wine-tasting

Pros: Everyone likes wine, right?!

Cons: A mum after too much vino is never good

Get everyone to bring a bottle and print some fancy tasting notes off the internet. Take it in turns to taste each wine before scoring them. Make sure you’ve got some nibbles like crisps and cheese on the go too. The best thing about it? You’ve not got far to roll into bed…


Pros: There’s no waiter to judge when you ask for seconds…

Cons: There’s no waiter to tell you to stop eating

The perfect indoors hen party activity, enjoy a delicious treat in your very own venue. Pop to the shops and stock up on sandwiches, cakes and teas. Or, there’s plenty of restaurants that will box up their own. Either way, don’t forget the fizz!

At Home Spa Day

Pros: It’s the perfect way to get ready for the big day
Cons: You have to do the treatments.

Facials, pedicures, massages. Everyone loves a little pamper, and now the luxury spa day can come to you. Beauty therapists might not be able to work just yet but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some proper relaxation. Baggsy not doing Nana’s pedicure…  .

A Craft Class 

Pros: You’ll come away with something for the big day

Con: We can’t even draw a stickman…

From flower crown making to fascinator workshops, there are plenty of craft activities for hens. Online, you’ll find a number of businesses waiting to entertain you or why not go fully creative, and plan your own?

Nude Life Drawing

Pros: Your mum will love it

Cons: She’ll act like a 21-year-old again

There’s nothing like a little school girl humour to really get a hen weekend started. And when your model gets into his final position, it’s bound to get everyone in fits of giggles. Your model will even play a few lighthearted games to get the party started…

A Boozy Brunch

Pros: It’s the ultimate hen do activity

Cons: You have to cook it

What’s a hen weekend without a girly brunch? Whether it’s Prosecco or homemade Mimosas on the menu, there’s no other way to start your celebrations. Even better, why not give everyone a responsibility. You can be in charge of toast. Mum can set the table and the bride-to-be can taste the fizz. Perfect.  

A Themed Dinner Party

Pros: It’s perfect for Insta

Cons: Tomorrow you’ll be eating beans on toast again

Indulging in a private chef doesn’t have to break the bank balance, and you don’t need to worry about being able to walk in your heels. It’s a win-win situation. Choose your theme and your very own chef will do the rest… What will it be? Italian? Mexican? Or how about something different for every course?

Bake off tea party

Pros: You get to eat Nana’s Victoria Sponge

Cons: You’ll feel sick from all the cake

Split into teams and get ready for the ultimate bake off. Not only is it cheap fun for everyone, but it’s a great icebreaker for those guests that might not know each other. Why not challenge each other to decorate your cake with something that reminds you of the bride-to-be?

BBQ and festival fun

Pros: It’s the only festival you’ll get to this year

Cons: You’re mum at a festival. Say no more

Weather permitting, crank up the BBQ and take your celebrations outside! Create a playlist, stock up on burgers and don’t forget to make some rum punch. Why not go all out and create a burger and cocktail station with DIY drinks and food?

With your hen party plans well underway, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for the perfect location. And, at Hen Party Houses, we have a large selection of venues all around the UK. Why not give us a call today to start planning a weekend that everyone will enjoy?  

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